Take that, future robot overlords! During a filming session at the Dutch Burgers' zoo, this camera drone got a little too close to a group of chimpanzees. One intrepid individual -- in a great example of tool use, which chimps are pretty great at -- used a branch to knock the drone to the ground.

"With much enjoyment they very efficiently dismantled the play thing," zoo representatives wrote in a statement. "During the entire moment of action the camera kept rolling, so despite the completely destroyed drone this still provided some very special images!

Down but not out, the drone kept filming as the chimps descended on it. One particularly curious chimp even picked the camera up to examine it, resulting in the rare treat of an animal selfie.

It's safe to assume that one day flying cameramen will have the ability to perceive threats and use evasive maneuvers to avoid them. But for now, our closest primate relatives are still plenty smart enough to show a remote-controlled helicopter what's what.

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