To celebrate Earth Day, NASA is asking earthlings everywhere to share pictures and videos of their corner of the planet with the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome.

Some of the Earth-bound contributions are super lovely:

And I'm sure the ones you tweet out will be amazing, too.

But as beautiful and unique as our planet is, I have to admit I prefer being reminded that we're a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam:

We're so small! And that's beautiful.

So here are some of our favorite images of Earth from space, to keep things in a cosmic perspective.

First, some signs of life from up above:

A famous shot that captures the awe, beauty, and loneliness of spotting your planet from afar:

A reminder that we've always got a friend:

A reminder of the importance of the space robots:

A few that are just plain beautiful:

And finally, a look at the Earth and its moon from the Cassini spacecraft from nearly 900 million miles away in Saturn's orbit:

Want more space? Give these a click: