You want to celebrate May the Fourth Be With You (a.k.a "Star Wars" Day) today. Who doesn't? But trust me when I say that your celebration will not top this.

Yeah, that's just a bunch of astronauts watching "Star Wars." While aboard the International Space Station. In space.

Watching space movies is becoming sort of a thing, especially since the space station received a new high-definition, 65-inch projector last month. "Until the projection screen arrived, astronauts had to huddle around their laptops for video conferences, training sessions and movies," the Associated Press reported.

For some reason, the crew used the projector to watch "Gravity," which is sort of like watching "Titanic" while on a boat. But I digress. Back to "Star Wars"!

To the chagrin of some purists, the astronauts watched "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" to mark May 4, rather than a movie from the original trilogy (hey, at least it wasn't "Episode I: The Phantom Menace"). The scene captured in Commander Scott Kelly's tweet shows Mace Windu, played by Samuel L. Jackson, after subduing Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Don't believe me? Here ya go.

NASA has been known to  capitalize on the popularity of sci-fi, such as "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," to bolster awareness of space and related programs. NASA got in on the fun Monday by posting a photo of ISS next to the moon with an iconic "Star Wars" quote.

And why not drop  a little Kepler-16B knowledge while you're at it?

Of course little can top the ISS crew portrait of Expedition 45, or "Expedition XLV: The Science Continues," released by NASA's Space Flight Awareness program. Kelly, who will be on ISS for a full year, tweeted on Monday that it "won't be long before these Jedis are all aboard the Space Station in force."

But these astronauts aren't just sitting around and watching movies on Monday. They're also conducting experiments:

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