In the latest heartwarming tale of animal prostheses, a Turkish turtle is the lucky recipient of a 3-D printed jaw. According to 3-D Printing Industry, the turtle -- who was injured by a boat's propeller and found nearly dead -- had to be hand-fed until his jaw and beak were replaced with medical-grade titanium.

And, um, now it looks like he should be in a comic book (or, alternatively, an all-reptile production of "The Phantom of the Opera") so that's something.

The beak upgrade comes courtesy of a Turkish medical 3-D printing company called BTech. The company put the turtle's CT scans into a 3-D modeling program and designed a prosthetic that would fit into the missing piece of its beak. To ensure that the jaw would be just as powerful and functional as a natural beak, the company printed it in medical-grade titanium.

The turtle is still being looked after, but it's the proud owner of the first-ever 3-D printed turtle jaw.

You can see the jaw in action here (though the video is in Turkish)

Once the turtle has finished a regimen of antibiotics and done healing, it can return to the ocean and chomp on whatever its little heart desires. And possibly star in the next "Avengers" movie.

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