Good morning! Isn't it great to be alive? Aren't you glad you don't have a worm living inside your face?

The 17-year-old shown in the video above wasn't so lucky. After going to the hospital with a swollen eye, the boy's MRI showed that a larval worm had been chilling inside him for about a month. It's suspected to be a botfly (though others have reported it to be a mosquito larva, which is somehow more horrifying).

[These scientists raised bot fly larvae in their own bodies — on purpose]

Botfly larvae emerge on their own when they're good and ready -- and generally without causing long-term harm to their hosts, being the efficient parasites that they are -- but doctors were worried about its proximity to areas that could spread infection to the brain.

So they lured it out with a piece of basil leaf.

Ophthalmologist Carolina Marchena chose the leaf for its strong scent. She wanted the vivid lure of food to get the worm to emerge early. Sure enough, it poked its head out -- which was enough worm for the doctors to work with. They removed the rest using tweezers.

The patient doesn't seem to have suffered any long-term effects of the larva's presence. But we'll all suffer for him in our dreams.

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