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These three Siberian tiger cubs are very sleepy and very endangered

Crimea’s safari park welcomes rare Siberian tiger triplets. Zoologists say the healthy tiger cubs are being looked after by their mother, Gretta. (Video: Reuters)
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It's Monday afternoon and you probably need a little bit of a pick-me-up. It's time to slurp down a nice cup of coffee and check out some baby tigers. Cool? Cool.

Okay, it occurs to me now that pick-me-up might not be the right word for this. Sorry for making you even sleepier. But totally worth it, right?

These sleepy lil babies are at the Crimea Safari Park, which bills itself as the biggest lion and tiger park in Europe. Siberian tigers are usually born in litters of two to four, so triplets aren't rare. But it's not uncommon for some of the litter to die, so a trio of healthy, happy Siberian tiger siblings is still cause for celebration.

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Siberian tigers (also called Amur tigers) are the world's largest cats, and they're considered endangered thanks to habitat destruction and poaching. Wild populations of Siberian tigers number around 400 to 500, which is obviously not great, but conservationists believe those numbers are pretty stable.

Meanwhile, breeding of the species in captivity has been quite successful. These cubs will stay with their mother for at least a couple of years, but once mature they could presumably be released into the wild.

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