Scientists: They're just like you! They have good days, they have bad days, they glue themselves to angry crocodiles, and they recognize how utterly ridiculous and funny animal genitalia can be.

#junkoff is the latest hashtag to take off in the scientific corners of Twitter, and it's exactly what it sounds like.

(Note: The following may be considered not safe for workplace viewing, though the genitals featured are all decidedly non-human. If in doubt, save this post for when you clock out! Or quit now, because any office that isn't down with laughing at duck genitalia is NO GOOD as far as we're concerned.)

We'll start off with something easy -- pretty, even! The leopard slug:

And here's one that isn't even really showing genitalia (but also might give you nightmares):

And then there's this:

And these:

Let's not forget the ladies of the animal kingdom!

A shout-out to female dolphins, who, like female ducks, have developed twists and turns designed to thwart male suitors:

In case you're wondering how male ducks have adapted to keep up with the female's anatomy, well:

I hope you're ready for another scary one, because this guy could literally be cast as a space monster in Ridley Scott's next movie.

And then there's this harbor porpoise.

I feel like we've all learned a lot.

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