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The Curiosity rover spotted a ‘floating spoon’ on Mars

Probably not left by a giant Martian. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

You've probably read about the supposed woman on Mars, spotted in photos from NASA's rovers. Well, I've been over here rolling my eyes so hard they're in danger of falling out, because that's totally ridiculous.

But have you heard about the floating spoon?

This is interesting.

The image, taken by the Curiosity rover on Aug. 30, shows what appears to be an incredibly delicate geological feature -- one that resembles a spoon floating in mid-air, complete with a narrow shadow cast upon the red ground below. The strange feature was spotted by a user on the Planetary Society's Unmanned Spaceflight message board.

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Yes, it's weird that it looks like a spoon. But lots of things in nature look like manmade objects, if you squint. What's really amazing about this pseudo-spoon is that it seems barely tethered to the ground. It's hard to imagine a similar feature existing on Earth -- with the top-heavy bowl of the spoon and the narrow handle, something would surely cause it to crumble. 

It's a reminder of just how alien Mars really is -- and just how desolate. There's not a lot going on over there, and even if life once existed on the Red Planet, our rovers are the first potential disruptors of geological formations to come around in a long, long time.

So let's just hope we don't break any spoons.

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