Science Twitter, you are on fire.

First there was #fieldworkfail, then #junkoff, then #cuteoff. But the latest science hashtag du jour may end up being the most educational: #stupidcommonnames.

Started by marine biologist and blogger David Shiffman, the hashtag is full of biologists venting over the most frustrating, confusing names in the animal kingdom (and beyond). See, when an organism gets its formal name -- the latin one -- that name is supposed to be fairly descriptive. Even if the species name is just an homage to some random celebrity (as they often are), the genus name gives scientists a pretty good idea of the kind of creature they're dealing with.

But the names used by the general public are often less useful.

Basically, everything you think you know is a lie.

And some names are just bad:

I mean, how are you supposed to take this guy seriously?

And a few submissions have the opposite problem -- names that are simply larger than life.

Though I have to disagree with Twitter's scientists on some of the name submissions. "Pink fairy armadillo," for example, is a baller name for anything.

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