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NASA reminds us that astronaut poop burns up ‘like shooting stars’


Astronaut Scott Kelly is just about halfway through his record-breaking one-year mission. To celebrate the occasion, NASA has released an infographic sharing some facts about what Kelly's up to.

And what his poop is up to.

[Why American astronauts drink Russian urine]

During his 12-month tenure, Kelly will drink about 730 liters of recycled urine and sweat -- some of which, you may recall, will come from the Russian cosmonauts, who don't partake in the processed pee themselves. He will see almost 11,000 sunsets. He will run 648 miles on a space treadmill. Enough fluid to fill a large bottle of soda will move from his legs up toward his head, because microgravity is a pain in the . . . well, everywhere. 

But the crowning glory of NASA's cheeky infographic is plain as day: While he's in space, Kelly's poop will be jettisoned and burn up in the atmosphere, looking like "shooting stars." Your poop will not look like a shooting star -- unless you, too, become an astronaut. If that's not a motivation to stay in school, I don't know what is.

And lest you think NASA is exaggerating: In 2009, a particularly large waste dump from the International Space Station had folks reporting a mysterious glow in the sky.

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