Eight thousand years ago, our ancestors may have witnessed what seemed like a bright new star in the sky. It was actually the death of a star -- the explosion of an orb 20 times more massive than our sun.

The so-called Veil Nebula, which sits 2,100 light years away, is still expanding in the latest view from NASA.

The nebula is currently 110 light years across, but it's going to keep getting bigger. The nebula is created by the fast-moving wave of gas sent out into space by the explosion of the former star. As that gas plows into cooler, more dense intersteller gas, it produces light.

The new image comes from six combined Hubble images, and it shows just two light years of the massive structure.

The gorgeous colors of nebulae come from ionized gases. In the Veil Nebula, we can see red -- from glowing hydrogen; green from sulfur; and blue from oxygen.

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