The marketing is strong with this one.

NASA has been making a big push to connect real-life space travel with press for "The Martian," a much-anticipated film coming out Oct. 2. That's nothing new: Since NASA relies on public support of space exploration for its continued funding, any buzz about spaceflight is worth taking advantage of.

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And we can't say we take issue with NASA's methods. Above is the latest video co-promoting NASA and the film, and it's got some genuinely interesting stuff. 

The cast and crew of "The Martian" ask the kinds of questions most of us would ask, given a few minutes of an astronaut's time: What do you miss most about Earth? What was your training like? Did you grow up wanting to be an astronaut?

And the really important stuff: Do you have wi-fi?

(Yes, duh.)

The interview also reveals some intriguing information about my favorite topic: Space poop.

"... the pilot of the space shuttle is responsible for the maintenance of the toilet on the space shuttle," astronaut Scott Kelly admits. Clearly used to being teased about the task, Kelly cheekily insists that it's actually quite the honor.

"Without a toilet, you're not going anywhere," Kelly says. "So they will only entrust that to the most talented and capable person on the spacecraft."

Amen to that!

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