Behold, an elusive and deadly predator foiled by a lowly pot.

This particular leopard had just been strolling around a village in India's Rajsamand district, possibly from a nearby sanctuary and looking for a drink of water, when BAM — his head got stuck in a pot, ND-TV reported.

Soon, masses of villagers gathered to snap photos and video of the spectacle Wednesday, as the animal roamed about for hours.

Finally, officials were able to tranquilize the leopard and liberate it from the tyranny of this pot. District Forest Officer of the Udaipur range Kapil Sharma told ND-TV that the leopard is male and about three years old.

"He is being kept under observation. He has been checked by vets and seems to be fine," Sharma said.  "He will be released in the forest later."

Just a few weeks ago, India released results from the first-ever census of its leopard population, estimated at between 12,000 and 14,000.