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Thousands of high-res photos from NASA’s moon landings are now online

More than 8,400 high-res, unretouched photos are now available. (NASA)
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NASA's Project Apollo Archive has released more than 8,400 high-resolution photos on Flickr.

For some of the Apollo missions to the moon, the image dump includes every single shot taken by astronauts. Starting with Apollo 8, astronauts came to the moon with modified Hasselblad cameras strapped to their chests, and they documented everything.

You've probably seen a few of their most iconic images already. But in addition to including more obscure shots, the new image set is totally unprocessed. Jason Davis at The Planetary Society compares the collection to a family photo album — full of blurry shots and random scenes right along with more breathtaking images — and that's a pretty apt description.

[Graphic: View sequences of photos from the Project Apollo Archive]

There's something really charming about all the squinting and goofing around you get to see in these photos. And the more random shots, like the one of this bag full of food or beverage —

— will make you think about life on a spaceship. Was this a random, accidental shot taken during a dinner-time photoshoot? Or did someone think the texture of this orange juice or jello was beautiful?

You can check out the rest of the images over at Flickr.

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