Oct. 8th is International Octopus Day (think about it for a second) and we're celebrating in style.

Typical level of coordination.

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To get you in the spirit, here are some of our favorite octo-centric stories of the year. Forgive us for throwing in a few other cephalopods -- after all, Octopus Day is just the start of a whole week of cephalopod celebration.

The octopus so cute it might get named 'adorabilis'

(Science Friday)
(Science Friday)

I mean look at it.

The octopus that figured out how to work a camera

(Benjamin Savard/Middlebury College)
(Benjamin Savard/Middlebury College)

Octopuses are smart and this one is cheeky as heck.

Vampire squids aren’t vampires OR squids -- they're even cooler

A Vampire Squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) drawn by Carl Chun, 1911. (Public Domain)

Did you know that so-called vampire squids are neither squid nor vampire? They're actually the last holdouts of an ancient cephalopod lineageI know. 

This one species of octopus plays with its food and has really weird sex

Like, really weird. For an octopus, anyway. Most octopuses are quite adversarial with their mates, but this one species mates beak to beak, staying intertwined for hours or days without any serious conflict.

They also have a really hilarious trick for catching shrimp.

Oh yeah, the octopus genome got sequenced for the first time ever

A juvenile California two-spot octopus, the first octopus species to have its genome sequenced. (Michael LaBarbera)

Probably the biggest octopus news of the year. No big deal! The octopus genome is large and complex, and scientists will use it to help unravel the beautiful creature's many mysteries.

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