No. The answer to the question in my headline is no. We all know the answer is no. I just really like David Bowie.

But people see what they want to see, and the latest rock-that-looks-like-something-other-than-a-rock spotted on the red planet bears an uncanny resemblance to a mouse, inasmuch as a rock can do so.

Here's the rock solid evidence, courtesy of ArtAlienTV -- a Web site that does exactly what it sounds like it does:

(Can someone tell me what the second rock is supposed to resemble? Is it a butt? I think it's a butt. Butts on Mars!)

Here are some other cool things we've "spotted" on Mars, thanks to the human tendency to pick out patterns and familiar objects from random visuals:

If the space rodent is real, at least it has lots of doughnuts to eat.

If you want to believe that Mars is actually full of living organisms (and statues left over from ancient civilizations) I can't stop you. Just this weekend I explained away "evidence" that NASA has made up its entire space program to someone who engaged me on Twitter, piece by piece, and he still thought I was being a dumb sheeple. I tried! But I know when I'm beat.

Studies have shown that people with deep-seated beliefs won't be convinced by contradictory evidence. And when your deeply held views are part of a "conspiracy" (the belief, for example, that NASA receives visual evidence of life on Mars/the relics of an ancient civilization all the time and chooses to hide that evidence, even though it would be kind of great for their abysmal funding situation to just let the cat out of the bag) that doubling down is even worse. Maybe I'm part of the great alien coverup.

I'll leave you with this: Mars doesn't need conspiracies to be cool. Scientists have found really convincing evidence of past and present liquid water there, and many believe that the planet was once warm and wet. It's being blasted into dryness and desolation by our own sun -- all because it lacks the strong magnetic field that we have to protect us on Earth. It's a planet inhabited solely by robots (pending any TBD microbial life that's still kicking around) and one of them has a famous snarky Twitter account. It's a great world.

It just doesn't have any mice on it. Probably.

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