We know that science sometimes seems very far removed from day-to-day life.

Sequencing genomes? Detecting distant stars? It’s cool stuff, for sure, but what does it mean for you? You've got bigger problems: Maybe you’re trying to revive the cell phone you dropped in a puddle, or convince your roommate that he can’t blame his dirty dishes on Mercury being in retrograde. Maybe you’re plagued by nightmares and want to know if there’s a way to stop them. Maybe you need ammunition for a verbal spar against a climate-denying aunt. Maybe your best friend is terrified of octopuses and you want to help her see their cuddly side.

Now you can turn to Dear Science, a new advice column (yes, advice column!) from Speaking of Science, and solve those problems while learning a little something in the process.

Starting June 6, Dear Science will use old-fashioned scientific know-how to answer one reader-submitted question every Monday. We’ll reach out to researchers, delve into journals and even conduct our own experiments to help you understand how things work — and how to fix them when they’re broken. We can explain to your roommate what’s really happening when “Mercury is in retrograde” and investigate the best ways to salvage electronics from water damage. And you better believe we’ll have a blast doing it.

So send us your problems, your queries, your complaints and your concerns, whether they’re as big as the universe or as small as an atom. We can’t wait to help solve them.