A polarized light micrograph image of cat skin shows hairs, whiskers and blood supply. (David Linstead/Wellcome Images)

The Wellcome Image Awards showcases some of the best images of scientific subjects made each year, from sophisticated photographs taken with high-power microscopes to illustrations painstakingly drawn by hand.

This year's winners, which were announced last week, include a 3D reconstruction of a parrot's blood vessels, a microscopic image of a mouse's retina, and more. The overall winner is a CGI illustration titled, “Stickman — The Vicissitudes of Crohn's,” which shows artist Spooky Pooka's depiction of what it feels like to live with the chronic disease.

The competition is run by the Wellcome Trust, a U.K.-based biomedical research charity.

An exhibit featuring the winning images will tour galleries and science centers in Europe, Russia and South Africa in the spring. But, unless you're lucky enough to be planning a trip to one of those places, you can also view them all here: