Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace could be a fantasy draft steal for owner Scott Allen. (Alan Diaz/AP Photo)

In the wake of the Washington Post 2014 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, here’s an in-depth look at the roster of Scott Allen’s team to see what went right, and what went wrong. Allen held the No. 1 pick in the draft.

QB Matthew Stafford, Det QB Rd. 4
RB Jamaal Charles, KC RB Rd. 1
RB Zac Stacy, StL RB Rd. 3
WR Brandon Marshall, Chi WR Rd. 2
WR Keenan Allen, SD WR Rd. 5
TE Greg Olsen, Car TE Rd. 8
FLEX Shane Vereen, NE RB Rd. 6
D/ST Bengals D/ST Rd. 15
K Blair Walsh, Min K Rd. 16
Bench Torrey Smith, Bal WR Rd. 7
Bench Kendall Wright, Ten WR Rd. 9
Bench Maurice Jones-Drew, Oak RB Rd. 10
Bench Mike Wallace, Mia WR Rd. 11
Bench Tre Mason, StL RB Rd. 12
Bench Danny Amendola, NE WR Rd. 13
Bench Darren McFadden, Oak RB Rd. 14

Self-Analysis: Best pick — Darren McFadden

Adding Mike Wallace as my fifth receiver in the 11th round was a pleasant surprise,  but I was even happier to handcuff Maurice Jones-Drew with McFadden after running backs such as Andre Williams, Roy Helu and Mark Ingram were picked in the 14th round. Any chance we can add Lisfranc injuries as a scoring category? — Allen

Self-Analysis: Worst pick — Zac Stacy

I generally like to go with  established producers in the first few rounds and Stacy has exactly 14 games of experience. I was planning to grab Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall with my back-to-back picks at 20 and 21, but Bryant was nabbed at 19, so I was forced to scramble. — Allen

Draft Chatter: I like Mike

Mike Wallace drove owners (that’s me with my hand raised) nuts with a sorry 2013, turning in seven weeks with 3-points or fewer, but he averaged over 10 a game during the final six weeks of the season. With a full year to get acclimated to the Miami playbook and (presumably) a more stable, sideshow-free offensive line to protect Ryan Tannehill and buy Wallace time to get downfield, I think he’ll easily surpass his sticker price as an 11th-round pick. — Mike Hume

Draft Chatter: Raving ’bout a Raven

As a Maryland alum twice over (undergrad and grad school) I thought it’d only be fitting to pick up Torrey Smith as he continued to fall down the draft board. With the No. 64 overall pick in the seventh round, I had Smith queued up to be my second wide receiver, only to have Scott Allen take him three spots ahead.  — Kelyn Soong

Bieler’s Breakdown

Starters: A- | Bench: C | Overall : B

In the vast swimming pool of fantasy leagues, 10-teamers with nine starting positions per squad are paddling in the shallow end. So I have to be a tough grader here, with expectations for each team to come away with a strong starting lineup. Ideally, benches would feature players who could start in a pinch, but as there would be plenty of solid contributors on the waiver wire (were we to play this league out), I would like to see a couple of high-upside guys who could blossom down the road.

I really like Scott’s starters, because he stocked up on players who should get the ball plenty. Stafford went about where he should have, but represents a decent value as the sixth QB off the board and gives Scott a shot at monster stats in any given week. He is relying on some not-so-proven commodities in Stacy, Allen and Vereen.

Smith is a great player to stash on the bench, and he could end up supplanting Vereen in Scott’s lineup. I am concerned about the RB situation; McFadden and Jones-Drew are an uninspiring pair, as they seem ticketed for a timeshare in a bad offense. And while Scott thought to handcuff those two and add Tre Mason (Stacy’s backup), a better idea would have been to buy insurance for the team’s most expensive investment (Charles) by drafting Knile Davis.