Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas has risen into the upper echelon of fantasy players. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo)

In the wake of the Washington Post 2014 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, here’s an in-depth look at the roster of Des Bieler’s team to see what went right, and what went wrong. Bieler held the No. 7 pick in the draft.

QB Tony Romo, Dal QB Rd. 10
RB Eddie Lacy, GB RB Rd. 1
RB DeMarco Murray, Dal RB Rd. 3
WR Demaryius Thomas, Den WR Rd. 2
WR Alshon Jeffery, Chi WR Rd. 4
TE Dennis Pitta, Bal TE Rd. 9
FLEX Andre Johnson, Hou WR Rd. 5
D/ST Buccaneers D/ST Rd. 15
K Steven Hauschka, Sea K Rd. 16
Bench Bishop Sankey, Ten RB Rd. 6
Bench Joique Bell, Det RB Rd. 7
Bench Lamar Miller, Mia RB Rd. 8
Bench Dwayne Bowe, KC WR Rd. 11
Bench Rueben Randle, NYG WR Rd. 12
Bench Christine Michael, Sea RB Rd. 13
Bench Ladarius Green, SD TE Rd. 14

Self-Analysis: Best pick — DeMarco Murray

I was strongly considering drafting Murray with my second-round pick, No. 14 overall, because that’s the kind of spot in which talented, bellcow backs in good offenses tend to go. So to get Murray at No. 27 was a steal. Plus, getting a Cowboy there (and later, Romo) made me feel better about investing in Denver’s offense with Thomas, whom I picked over my quasi-namesake, Dez Bryant, at 14. — Bieler

Self-Analysis: Worst pick — Steven Hauschka

Since kickers are basically all the same, you may as break the tie by snagging one that gives you roster flexibility — as late a bye week as possible, especially in leagues where using a waiver move kicks you to the back of the line. Hauschka’s Week 4 bye means I only get three weeks’ use before I have to use a waiver move on a kicker, whom I then will have to replace when his bye week comes up. — Bieler

Draft Chatter: Demaryius a gift

The No. 10 player in terms of average draft position (per went 14th, for some reason. The guy has 24 touchdown catches over the past two seasons! Unless people are scared that Peyton Manning will need another neck-iotomy, there’s no reason why Thomas should drop that far. — Matt Bonesteel

Draft Chatter: Romo risk

Mainly I just wanted to stop the Team Soong pile-on for going #allin on RG III, but Romo’s a risk … albeit one with a potentially big reward. I believe Tony Romo won’t be 100-percent after his back injury. If he’s actually fully operational, this pick in the 10th round could be as potent as the second Death Star. But I don’t like the fact he’s Bieler’s only QB. Dallas’s offensive line isn’t exactly on par with that force field the Empire set up on Endor. Add in a porous defense and Dallas figures to be throwing a lot, which means a predictable offense for sack-minded pass rushers. That ain’t good for a dude with a banged-up back. — Mike Hume

Hume’s Breakdown

Starters: B | Bench: A | Overall: B+

Someone has to evaluate the evaluator, right? As you can see above, I don’t share Des’s optimism for the Dallas offense. Projected to have a poor defense, they’re going to be throwing (a lot) which might cut into Murray’s production a little bit and I just can’t get comfortable that Romo will be up to his usual fine fantasy form. While I love the potential for Lacy and think Des has the best WR tandem in the league in Thomas and Jeffery, I’m skeptical on Pitta and Johnson has QB concerns in Houston.

The bench on the other hand, is a thing of beauty. It sure seems like the RB job in Tennessee is Sankey’s to lose, and Bell and Miller provider terrific depth. Bowe and Randle provide great sub options — or more likely trade chips, since I can’t see how either of them gets in the lineup over those starting WRs. And Green is a high-upside pick in Rd. 14 who could easily replace Pitta if the Chargers start to shift their focus from Antonio Gates. Overall, it’s a great haul with just a little more risk than I’d like. If you feel differently about the ‘Boys though, Des probably aced this draft.