Doug Martin, right, didn’t make Hume too comfortable as his No. 2 RB. (James Borchuck/AP Photo)

In the wake of the Washington Post 2014 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, here’s an in-depth look at the roster of Mike Hume’s team to see what went right, and what went wrong. Hume held the No. 6 pick in the draft.

QB Andrew Luck, Ind QB Rd. 4
RB Matt Forte, Chi RB Rd. 1
RB Doug Martin, TB RB Rd. 2
WR Randall Cobb, GB WR Rd. 3
WR Michael Crabtree, SF WR Rd. 7
TE Vernon Davis, SF TE Rd. 6
FLEX Andre Ellington, Ari RB Rd. 5
D/ST Rams D/ST Rd. 13
K Robbie Gould, Chi K Rd. 16
Bench Emmanuel Sanders, Den WR Rd. 8
Bench Tom Brady, NE QB Rd. 9
Bench Terrance Williams, Dal WR Rd. 10
Bench Riley Cooper, Phi WR Rd. 11
Bench Eric Ebron, Det TE Rd. 12
Bench Andre Williams, NYG RB Rd. 14
Bench Charles Sims, TB RB Rd. 15

Self-Analysis: Best pick — Michael Crabtree

He only played five games in 2013, which likely led to his slide down the draft, but if he can regain his 2012 form (1,105 yards, 9 TDs) it’s thievery to get him in Round 7. The Niners adding Stevie Johnson to their WR corps should help spread the field a little more for the dynamic Crabtree, who has had great chemistry with QB Colin Kaepernick.  — Hume

Self-Analysis: Worst pick — Doug Martin

With Matt Forte already on board, I didn’t want to go all-in on the Bears and take Brandon Marshall. Nor did I want to gamble on Dez Bryant’s occasional diva-ness (and Tony Romo’s balky back). That left few options for a top-tier WR, which was disappointing, but I compounded my frustrations when I took Martin. If Martin’s still banged up or simply plays like he did before his shoulder injury last season (8.5 fantasy points per game) I’m going to be disappointed. Oh, and a dishonorable mention to myself for picking a backup QB with the same bye week as my starter, even if the backup is Tom Brady. Way to go, genius. — Hume

Draft Chatter: Sanders looks smart

I like Hume taking Emmanuel Sanders in the eighth round. You can never go wrong choosing one of Peyton Manning’s receivers and Sanders was a red zone threat during his time in Pittsburgh: 35 targets, 21 catches, nine touchdowns. — Neil Greenberg

Draft Chatter: Hello, bye-week problems

As Neil Greenberg wrote on Twitter, “Everyone has a guy in their FF draft who takes a backup QB with the same bye week as his main starter. Ours is @MikeHumePost.” (For the record, Matt Bonesteel did the same thing.) — Kelyn Soong

Bieler’s Breakdown

Starters: B- | Bench: C | Overall: B-

Mike didn’t make any drastic mistakes, but I certainly think he missed chances to build a stronger team. He reached for Martin with the 15th pick and Luck with the 35th, and opted for Cobb as his WR1 over Julio Jones. Look, I understand that Jones has had some foot issues, and that is very concerning. But by the time you get to the 26th pick, those concerns are more than priced in, and you’re left with someone who could legitimately compete to be fantasy’s top overall WR, whereas Cobb likely won’t be the top WR on his own team (and hasn’t been the portrait of health himself).

A lot of people seem to find Brady irresistible, but having spent a high pick on Luck, Mike should have resisted (especially since — hello — Luck and Brady have the same bye week). Sanders was another reach; I prefer Williams, the WR he took two rounds later, not to mention a bunch of guys he passed up, such as Mike Wallace, Golden Tate and the man Sanders (sort of) replaced in Denver, Eric Decker. And while Ebron has a ton of talent, rookie tight ends are notoriously poor bets for fantasy production, whereas a rookie who went three picks later, Jeremy Hill, is a terrific bet and would have given Mike far better-looking depth at RB. In fairness, backing Martin up with Sims was a nice move.