Selection Sunday has come and gone, but there’s plenty left to sort out before you start picking your Final Four. Here’s everything you need to get prepared to fill out your bracket. Check back often for updates.

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The clock keeps ticking down to Thursday’s tipoff, meaning you’re running out of time to perfect your 2015 NCAA tournament bracket pool entry. Get the latest tips and tricks from Post Sports, and get the stories that slip between the seed lines of this year’s Big Dance all in one place:

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The bracket does not feature a handful of favorites and a swath of dark horses, all jockeying for position, elbowing one another out of the way. It features Kentucky and everyone else. (Read More)

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From top seeds to bubble teams, social video captured college teams, coaches and fans reacting to the NCAA's bracket announcement. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

The bracket is unveiled

The bracket has been revealed, starting with Kentucky, unsurprisingly, as the overall No. 1 seed in the Midwest. Here’s how it shakes out:


1. Kentucky vs. 16. Manhattan/Hampton
2. Kansas vs. 15. New Mexico State
3. Notre Dame vs. 14. Northeastern
4. Maryland vs. 13. Valparaiso
5. West Virginia vs. 12. Buffalo
6. Butler vs. 11. Texas
7. Wichita State vs. 10. Indiana
8. Cincinnati vs. 9. Purdue

Quick take: Kansas hangs on to a No. 2 seed despite losing in the Big 12 title game, but their reward is a spot in Kentucky’s bracket. Meanwhile, the ACC tournament champs end up as the best 3-seed, with Notre Dame getting the nod in the Midwest. In terms of early bubble talk, Purdue, Indiana and Texas ended up on the good side of the bubble. And neither the Boilermakers nor the Hoosiers came particularly close to the cutline, which is surprising.


1. Villanova vs. 16. Lafayette
2. Virginia vs. 15. Belmont
3. Oklahoma vs. 14. Albany
4. Louisville vs. 13. UC Irvine
5. Northern Iowa vs. 12. Wyoming
6. Providence vs. 11. Boise State/Dayton
7. Michigan State vs. 10. Georgia
8. North Carolina State vs. 9. LSU

Quick Take: The Cavaliers couldn’t hang on to a No. 1 seed, but they did end up a No. 2 in what looks like a navigable bracket — except for the part where they have to play Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans in the second round. Boise State’s loss in the Mountain West semifinals has put them into the play-in game in Dayton … against Dayton. That seems, um, interesting. LSU was another team many thought may miss the cut, but like Purdue, they land a No. 9 seed.


1. Duke vs. 16. North Florida/Robert Morris
2. Gonzaga vs. 15. North Dakota State
3. Iowa State vs. 14. UAB
4. Georgetown vs. 13. Eastern Washington
5. Utah vs. 12. Stephen F. Austin
6. SMU vs. 11. UCLA
7. Iowa vs. 10. Davidson
8. San Diego State vs. 9. St. John’s

Quick Take: Let’s start with the UCLA Bruins … CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb said during the selection special that there’s not a reasonable person in the country who believes UCLA belongs in the bracket. He’s not too far off. The Bruins finished 5-10 against the RPI top 100. That not only got UCLA into the field, the Bruins don’t even have to play a first-four play-in game. That’s stunning. On the top half of the bracket, Duke looks like a safe bet to advance. At the bottom, a potential Iowa State-Gonzaga clash in the Sweet 16 would produce a thriller.


1. Wisconsin vs. 16. Coastal Carolina
2. Arizona vs. 15. Texas Southern
3. Baylor vs. 14. Georgia State
4. North Carolina vs. 13. Harvard
5. Arkansas vs. 12. Wofford
6. Xavier vs. 11. BYU/Ole Miss
7. VCU vs. 10. Ohio State
8. Oregon vs. 9. Oklahoma State

Quick Take: With the final region revealed, hope dies for a Murray State miracle bid. BYU and Ole Miss will get the opportunity to earn the 11-seed with the play-in game in Dayton. Wisconsin, winners of the Big Ten tournament Sunday, gets the No. 1 seed, but if everything proceeds according to seed-strength, they’ll have to top a very dangerous Arizona team in the Elite Eight.

In all, the Big 12 and the Big Ten emerge with the most bids, sporting seven apiece.

This year’s utterly head-scratching decision was the inclusion of UCLA, which not only made the field despite a suspect resume, but also wasn’t even chosen as one of the four teams that will head to Dayton for the play-in games early this week. (Read More)

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The Bubble

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The Emoji

Show your March Madness spirit with these mascot emoji. Find your favorite team, save the emoji to your phone and text it to your friends. Because nobody uses their words anymore. (Download Here)

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The Tournament

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The latest news and analysis on the Washington-area tournament-bound teams.

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