Cowboys owner Jerry Jones arrives in Phoenix on March 23. (Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

PHOENIX — NFL owners discussed possible changes to the extra point Tuesday but did not reach a resolution, and do not intend to do so by Wednesday’s conclusion of the annual league meeting.

One person familiar with the discussions said the deliberations over the extra point are likely to resume at the next owners’ meeting in May.

“It’ll come in May,” the person said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the league had made no official announcement.

The NFL experimented with a longer extra point during the preseason last year, attempting to add at least a little bit of drama to one of the sport’s most automatic plays.

This year, the New England Patriots proposed having the ball snapped from the 15-yard line for an extra point, making it the equivalent of a 33-yard field goal. There also was ongoing talk, based on a year-old proposal, of combining that longer extra point with a team having the option to snap the ball from the 1-yard line for a two-point conversion attempt in a bid to encourage more two-point tries.

Currently, the ball is snapped from the 2-yard line for both extra points and two-point conversion attempts.

There is little for the owners left to resolve Wednesday after they decided Tuesday to make no major changes to the sport’s instant replay review system. In addition, the Indianapolis Colts withdrew their “bonus point” proposal. That would have given a team a chance to add a ninth point, with a kick that would have been the equivalent of a 50-yard field goal, after a touchdown and successful two-point conversion.