It appears possible that the Washington Redskins will move on from Robert Griffin III, their would-be franchise quarterback and the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year in 2012.

It is, in some ways, a stunning possibility, given the king’s ransom of draft picks that the Redskins sent to the St. Louis Rams to move up in the NFL draft order and select Griffin second overall. But it shouldn’t be particularly shocking to anyone who has watched Griffin fail to recapture his rookie-year magic since then.

A person familiar with the team’s planning said Sunday that the Redskins will allow Coach Jay Gruden to determine Griffin’s future with the organization. That person did not rule out the possibilities of Griffin being traded or released, saying only that it will be Gruden’s call. Griffin is said to have little to no trade value at this point, given his ongoing struggles during this preseason to remain in the lineup and be productive when he is on the field. He also has continued to be in the middle of controversies, whether that is deserved or not.

What if Griffin indeed is available to other teams at practically no cost? Are there any teams that actually make sense for him as possible landing spots?

Here’s a quick look, in no particular order, at some prospective destinations:

Jets: The team’s prospective franchise quarterback, Geno Smith, has failed to develop into that and now is sidelined by a broken jaw caused by a punch from former teammate IK Enemkpali. Quotes by unnamed members of the organization since that locker-room incident have raised questions about how Smith is regarded by his teammates. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the long-term solution. Would the Jets push aside one failed young potential centerpiece quarterback for another?

Texans: Brian Hoyer probably isn’t the answer and Ryan Mallett didn’t handle losing the starting-quarterback derby particularly gracefully. Maybe, just maybe a return to Texas could bring out the best in Griffin.

Cowboys: Tony Romo won’t play forever and owner Jerry Jones has expressed his admiration for Griffin in the past, albeit when Griffin was at a far different point in his career.

Browns: Johnny Manziel managed to put himself back into the quarterback conversation in Cleveland but now is plagued by a sore elbow. Josh McCown is on his seventh NFL team. This is one of the very few places in which Griffin might represent a short-term upgrade rather than a potential long-term career reclamation project.

Bills: Buffalo already has a collection of less-than-overwhelming candidates for its starting-quarterback job in Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor. Would the Bills consider Griffin superior to any of them? Rex Ryan has never been adverse to seemingly strange moves, such as bringing in Enemkpali after the Jets cut him loose.

Rams: St. Louis used the draft choices it obtained from the Redskins in the 2012 trade to restock its roster. The Rams, at that point, were planning to build around Sam Bradford. Now he’s gone, having been traded to Philadelphia in the offseason for Nick Foles. Coach Jeff Fisher has been unafraid to publicly taunt the Redskins about the trade, as when he sent players acquired via the deal to midfield as captains prior to a game at FedEx Field last December. The only way to one-up that, it would seem, would be to have both Griffin and the players obtained by trading the pick.

Cardinals: Bruce Arians is a coach who actually might be able to make things work with Griffin. The Cardinals couldn’t cope with their succession of injuries to quarterbacks late last season, and now must rely on Carson Palmer to stay healthy. Griffin would be an insurance policy while he got up to speed.

Steelers: Pittsburgh signed Michael Vick to back up Ben Roethlisberger. Griffin’s star obviously has dimmed considerably. But isn’t he still a better option than Vick?

Patriots: Coach Bill Belichick once gave a look to Tim Tebow and never has been afraid to bring in players with damaged reputations.

Saints: Drew Brees says the end of his career is not in sight yet. But the Saints demonstrated that they are thinking about the future at quarterback by drafting Garrett Grayson this year. Would Coach Sean Payton believe that he eventually could get more out of Griffin?

Eagles: If this past offseason demonstrated anything, it’s that you cannot rule out anything with Chip Kelly. Get rid of Tebow for Griffin? Why not?

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