The game is in the books, with the Denver Broncos coming out on top as NFL champions over the Carolina Panthers. With his second Super Bowl title in hand, is this Peyton Manning’s final NFL game? Perhaps, but he’s not saying. Meanwhile, Cam Newton was even more reticent following a defensive beating at the hands of Von Miller and Co. Find the full stories below, along with the rest of the best from Super Bowl 50, including analysis — both game and entertainment — and the rundown on Super Bowl commercials. Enjoy!

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The Stories

No one will let reality intrude on their position. (Read More)

He has no regrets. (Read More)

Well okay then. (Read More)

“But, hey, we’re world champs.” (Read More)

Miller dominated the Broncos in ways beyond his game-changing pass rush. (Read More)

Even considering playing another season would be pushing his luck. (Read More)

The game was painful to watch, but not as painful as it was for the two superstar quarterbacks playing in it. (Read More)

They can probably afford it. (Read More)

He’s one of two defensive players to be named Super Bowl MVP. (Read More)

Panthers-Broncos as the season opener? (Read More)

The celebration turned to issues with the police. (Read More)

From Beyoncé almost falling, to Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib actually falling, take a look at some of the embarrassing moments from Super Bowl 50. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

Denver defeats Carolina and gives Peyton Manning a storybook ending if this is his last NFL game. (Read More)

He may have overheard some stuff he didn’t want to. (Read More)

Some feel the cornerback was implying that referees were biased against Carolina. (Read More)

Champagne may figure into this mess. (Read More)

D.C. sports pride. (Read More)

But with the Panthers winning. (Read More)

He had Johnny Football on the mind. (Read More)

The Panthers quarterback got roasted for his sullen post-game performance. (Read More)

Manning now has two rings to go along with being the NFL’s all-time passing yardage and touchdown pass leader. (Read More)

Manning, who turns 40 in March, maintained over the past week after arriving in the Bay Area for the game that he didn’t know what he’d do next. And he followed suit in an on-field interview immediately following his second Super Bowl win. (Read More)

Disney’s famous ad didn’t air during the Super Bowl, but the Broncos quarterback took a victory lap at the theme park anyway. (Read More)

If Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset, he did it in the passenger seat. (Read More)

Denver’s quarterback-terrorizing linebacker was Sunday’s star, on the field and online. (Read More)

The Couch Slouch’s running commentary on the endless hype before and during Super Bowl L. (Read More)

Instead, he’ll take his time, maybe have a few beers. (Read More)

Watch Aqib Talib fall off the NFL Network set
No harm, no foul, so it’s okay to laugh. (Read More)

Eli Manning didn’t look too thrilled about brother Peyton winning the Super Bowl
The Giants quarterback had the face of a younger sibling who had just lost his only claim to bragging rights, which he had. (Read More)

Even after Super Bowl humbling, the Panthers remain an NFL powerhouse
As long as the Panthers and put Cam Newton at quarterback, there’s no reason their dominance should relent any time soon. (Read More)

Steph Curry invokes the Crying Jordan meme after Panthers’ Super Bowl loss
The Warriors star and Carolina fan offers a look into his soul after game. (Read More)

Super Bowl controversy! Did Lady Gaga hit the over or under on the national anthem?
Apparently, it depends on your interpretation of when the song ended — and where you placed your bet. (Read More)

Turf troubles at Niners’ field plaguing Super Bowl
San Francisco’s home field nearly devoured a Ravens place kicker earlier this season, but now it’s fouling up the big game. (Read More)

Donald Trump is ‘very’ bored with this Super Bowl
Well, not everything can be as exciting as politics. (Read More)

Astronaut watches Super Bowl from space
He whizzed by the stadium at 17,500 m.p.h. (Read More)

Betty White dabs perfectly, wins the Super Bowl
Both the Broncos and Panthers might be playing for second place. (Read More)

Cam Newton boldly guarantees Super Bowl win
It just might not be tonight, necessarily. (Read More)

Stephen Curry beats the drum for the Panthers
The Carolina Panthers will have, not one, but two MVPs on the field for Super Bowl 50. (Read More)

There are some insane prices for concessions at the Super Bowl
Want a glass of wine? That’ll be $25, please. (Read More)

The biggest plays in Super Bowl history, from every yard line
Montana to Taylor? Check. Russell Wilson to … Malcolm Butler?! Yeah, that’s in there too. (Read More)

Inside Peyton Manning’s secret investigation into Al Jazeera documentary
Before the televised report aired, the quarterback’s lawyers hired private investigators to track down the unnamed witness and review records. (Read More)

Ranking every Super Bowl player from 1 to 106
While some players are more important than others, it’s not always the stars that shine brightest. (Read More)

He smiles, he dances, he gives footballs to kids. So why all the hate for Cam Newton?
The Panthers quarterback has carried his team to the cusp of a Super Bowl title, but some football fans seem more interested in shouting him down than cheering him on. (Read More)

The Spectacle


An illustrated history of the Super Bowl Halftime Show
Forget deflated footballs: The weirdest part of the Super Bowl is the halftime show, which now attracts more viewers than the game itself. (Read More)


Dive into the best Super Bowl spots for this year and all the way back to 2013. (Watch)

Some made us cry, others made us cry laughing. Here are the most memorable commercials of Super Bowl 50. (Read More)

These are the commercials that got Super Bowl viewers talking — but not in a good way. And some of them weren’t particularly good to watch over nachos. (Read More)

In the age of the viral video, the bar for a laugh-out-loud Super Bowl commercial is higher than ever. These passed the test. (Read More)

Hint: He sings. (Read More)