On this episode of Posting Up, host Tim Bontemps and Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck discuss the current state of New York basketball, where both franchises are in flux.

After a brief discussion of chicken wings — specifically Beck’s absurd notion that they are pointless — the two get into a lengthy discussion of what the Brooklyn Nets should do with their search for a new general manager, and what the franchise should do after it chooses who its new head of basketball operations is going to be. The summation is that there are no easy solutions for the Nets, who don’t control their own first round pick until 2019.

As for the New York Knicks, the discussion centers around Phil Jackson’s decision to fire his hand-picked coach, Derek Fisher, after a little less than two seasons, and how Jackson essentially said Fisher didn’t have a relationship with him on the way out the door. Also discussed is Jackson’s relationship with the triangle, how much that will factor into his next coaching hire and what the future holds for Carmelo Anthony in New York.