NEW YORK — The Warriors’ Harrison Barnes will be in a unique situation when free agency begins Friday. Not only will he be a restricted free agent, but he will also face the uncertainty of a Golden State team that’s actively trying to replace him by chasing after his new teammate on Team USA in Kevin Durant.

But Barnes said he understands the situation he’s in, and is heading into free agency for the first time in his career “with his eyes wide open.”

“It’s my first objective to reach a deal with the Warriors, and to try and stay there,” Barnes said Monday at the unveiling of the 2016 U.S. Olympic team. “But it’s a business. They’re going to go out and try to pursue free agents, and just go from there. Based on whatever happens, and be prepared.”

Barnes should make out just fine, at least from a business standpoint, regardless of the outcome.

As a combo forward who is a capable defender and three-point shooter, he’s in line to make some serious money next month — be it from the Warriors or another team.

As for his decision to participate in the Olympics, Barnes, like several other Team USA players, said free agency wasn’t a concern (he’ll be signed well before training camp begins later next month), but that the Zika virus was.

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