On the latest episode of “Posting Up,” Fred Katz talks about everything that comes with the Russell Westbrook Experience. (Tim Warner/Getty)

Russell Westbrook had an incredible season, and likely will be named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player at the league’s awards show in June. Along the way, he’s also become the league’s most polarizing player, one for whom everyone has an opinion of some kind.

This is why I wrote a column saying Westbrook has become the NBA’s version of a Rorschach test earlier this week, a prism through which how one views how the sport can and should be played. But he’s not only a complicated player on the court, as anyone who sees his postgame interviews or sees how he chooses to dress on game days would attest.

So to dig into all that comes with being around the Russell Westbrook Experience, the latest episode of “Posting Up” features a conversation with someone who has been around Westbrook as much as anyone this season: Fred Katz, Oklahoma City Thunder beat writer for the Norman Transcript.

Beginning with Westbrook’s ridiculous performance in Game 2 — from his 51-point, 10-rebound, 13-assist triple-double to going 4-for-18 in the fourth quarter and shooting the Thunder out of a close game — Katz discusses everything that comes with being around Westbrook, from analyzing his play in that game to how he’s played the entire season to what it is like dealing with someone as unpredictable as Westbrook can be in every facet of his life on a daily basis.

From there, the conversation shifted to Game 3 back in Oklahoma City on Friday night, where the Thunder will try to start digging out of the 0-2 deficit they find themselves in after dropping the first two games in Houston. From potential rotation changes by Thunder Coach Billy Donovan to different things individual players can do, it’s a wide-ranging look at what Oklahoma City can do to change its fortunes in what has, so far, been a lackluster series for the Thunder outside of Westbrook’s individual numbers in Game 2.

And that, in many ways, is a microcosm for Westbrook’s season.