The Philadelphia Eagles can finally call themselves Super Bowl champions. The Eagles defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, 41-33, in a back-and-forth contest in which the record for most total yards was shattered (1,151).

Quarterback Nick Foles, who started the season as a backup but took over as starter after Carson Wentz tore his ACL in Week 14, was named MVP after accounting for four — three passing, one receiving — of Philadelphia’s five total touchdowns. The victory was the Eagles’ first in three trips to the Super Bowl and the first major professional sports title for the city since the 2008 World Series.

But that’s just part of what the Super Bowl offers each year. Below you’ll find the best of The Post’s coverage from Super Bowl LII, from a review of the best and worst commercials, Justin Timberlake’s halftime show and much more.

Top story lines

Backup quarterback Nick Foles throws for 373 yards and three TDs in an MVP performance as Philadelphia denies Tom Brady and Bill Belichick a sixth crown. (Read More)

A very unlikely Super Bowl MVP, Foles goes from near-retirement to leading the Eagles to a championship victory. (Read More)

The New England quarterback has made a career out of rallying his team to late-game victories with the ball in his hand. The Eagles took it away, and with it the Patriots’ hopes for a sixth title. (Read More)

Party on. (Read More)

An Xs-and-Os breakdown of one of the plays that decided the Super Bowl. (Read More)

Somehow, the Eagles are the champions, and that just leaves you wondering: What’s the catch? (Read More)

This year’s champion in the hearts department isn’t even a year old yet. (Read More)

Eagles won a back-and-forth game over the Patriots, who were a 4.5-point favorite heading into Super Bowl LII. (Read More)

The Patriots’ tight end, who has often been injured, says he plans to give his future some thought. (Read More)

Three disputed touchdowns went the Eagles’ way, two after official reviews, going a long way toward helping them topple the Patriots. (Read More)

The gutsy piece of trickery on a fourth down near the goal line made for the most memorable moment of the first half. (Read More)

The New England wide receiver was involved in two of the most noteworthy plays, for painful reasons, of the first half, but he would not return from a massive hit. (Read More)

The president pays tribute to military members and issues a reminder about standing for the national anthem. (Read More)

The night before he was to play in his eighth Super Bowl since 2001, the Patriots’ 40-year-old QB won the league’s top honor. (Read More)

Carson Wentz, Nick Foles and several members of the Eagles are among a number of NFL players appearing in a promotional video for a faith-based effort called Football Sunday. (Read More)

The Eagles safety was a prominent figure in the anthem protests and the NFL’s new social justice accord. Oh, and now he’s playing for a Super Bowl ring. (Read More)

Concussion data and CTE news are so prevalent now, it’s impossible to overlook them. (Read More)

“We prepare for war,” NFLPA leader DeMaurice Smith said of a possible labor confrontation when the league’s CBA expires following the 2020 season. (Read More)


The Giants and Tide left quite an impression. (Watch)

“Dilly, dilly” was silly, silly. And not in a good way. (Watch)

King’s sermon was delivered the same year he was assassinated 50 years ago. (Read More)

This is just perfect. And it didn’t even need Peyton Manning. (Read More)

Christopher Walken gives another performance to remember. And that’s just one highlight. (Read More)


A review of the pop superstar’s underwhelming halftime show. (Read More)

Was that Janet Jackson reference a smart idea? What about the Prince tribute that wasn’t quite a hologram? (Read More)

Before Super Bowl halftimes were taken over by production companies and pop stars, they were headlined by a marching band that “brought soul to the mix.” (Read More)

Refresh your memory about the wardrobe malfunction heard ’round the world. (Read More)

What does every halftime show ever look like in 8-bit animation? Glad you asked. (Read More)