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Olympic freestyler Gus Kenworthy’s run of bad luck continues with a fall in practice

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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — Suffice it to say, Gus Kenworthy’s second Olympics have been a lot more eventful than his first. While Sochi saw the freestyle skier on the medals podium and then in global headlines for adopting stray dogs, unfortunately for Kenworthy, these PyeongChang Games have mostly involved frequent visits with Team USA medical staff.

Just one day after fracturing his thumb, Kenworthy took another tumble in training Friday, resulting in a nasty hip bruise that Kenworthy said required medical personnel to drain 140 ccs of blood just two days before his competition. He’s still planning to compete in the men’s slopestyle event here, which begins Sunday morning in PyeongChang (Saturday night on the East Coast).

Gus Kenworthy breaks his thumb but will compete in slopestyle

Kenworthy shared the news on Instagram with a series of photos and videos, many taken while he was apparently being treated for the injury.

“Ultrasound — just got here,” he said, “and my butt’s about to get drained. . . . I have a freakin’ booty right now and I feel like [figure skater] Adam Rippon in his ice skating pants.”

Kenworthy suffered a hematoma on his hip. Medical personnel drained it to help the injury heal faster.

“I wasn’t allowed to film the draining process because of Olympic or medical or something rules, but look at how much blood just came out,” he wrote, sharing a photo depicting six syringes filled with blood.

In an ensuing video, Kenworthy said he was icing his hip. He took Saturday, the day before his competition, off and went to cheer on Rippon at the men’s figure skating free skate before heading back to Phoenix Snow Park to watch the women’s slopestyle race.

He’s still planning to compete in the men’s competition, but time will tell whether his bad luck during this week’s training impacts his performance in PyeongChang.

“Between my hip and my thumb, I’m feeling pretty wrecked,” he said.

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