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Warriors receive a visit from a pair of political VIPs following their victory over the Wizards

Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr had a brush with political celebrity after their victory over the Wizards on Wednesday night. (Nick Wass/Associated Press)

The Golden State Warriors did their best to stay away from politics during their trip to Washington. But after their 109-101 victory over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, politics came to them.

Following the game, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) – Democrats who represent San Francisco and Oakland, respectively – waited outside the visitor’s locker room at Capital One Arena to greet the players and coaches as they exited the building.

And while the Warriors turned down an invitation from Pelosi to visit the U.S. Capitol once President Trump “disinvited” them from the traditional championship White House visit in September, she said she was proud of their decision to take a group of children from Seat Pleasant Activity Center – which Kevin Durant frequented growing up – to the National Museum of African American History and Culture instead.

“It was beautiful. It was lovely,” Pelosi said. “And you know what was great about it? The authenticity. This is what they wanted to do. And with Kevin Durant’s connection to it all, it’s perfect.”

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The group of people with Pelosi shook hands and took pictures with several players and coaches, including Warriors Coach Steve Kerr and stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. And, as several other players walked by, they clapped and cheered.

Lee was decked out in a customized Golden State Warriors jersey – one of the team’s dark gray “Town” jerseys. It had her name and the No. 46 on the back, which Lee said was for the Warriors being founded (in Philadelphia) in 1946, which also happens to be the year she was born.

She laughed when asked whether it was her way of announcing her candidacy for president.

“Let’s talk about that,” she said.

But when asked about the team’s decision to avoid the political sphere this week, Lee echoed Pelosi’s sentiments about how proud she was of her constituents for how they chose to spend their time in the nation’s capital.

‘We’re celebrating it how we want to celebrate it:’ Kevin Durant on the Warriors’ D.C. trip

“I’m very proud of everything that they have done,” Lee said of the Warriors. “Their team spirit, the way they play … they make us proud. But, also, they are civic leaders. They give back to the community. That’s what they’ve been doing here in Washington, D.C., and I’m very grateful for how they are thanking people.

“I have the utmost respect for them all, and the decisions they make. They make the correct decisions for themselves, and we see how they conduct themselves in a very dignified, humble way, and they are great human beings.”

Lee said the brief visit with the players after Wednesday’s game was the only time the politicians had met with them this week.

She seemed most excited, however, about watching them perform in person.

“It’s great, and it’s great to see them and be with them, talk with them, take pictures with them,” she said. “We are huge fans.”

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