Jerry Jones agreed to reimburse the NFL more than $2 million in legal fees (David Goldman/AP)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones agreed to pay the NFL more than $2 million as reimbursement for legal fees following a hearing Monday on his appeal of that payment, according to multiple people familiar with the situation.

The league, at the behest of a number of owners, had ordered Jones to make that payment under a long-standing provision that any owner who brings legal action against the league must reimburse the NFL for legal fees.

Jones exercised his right to appeal and asked for a hearing before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. That appeal was heard Monday in Palm Beach, Fla., where owners and league officials are gathered for a set of committee meetings.

“After a hearing with the Commissioner and the Finance Committee, the matter of the reimbursement of legal fees has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties,” the league said in a written statement.

The NFL’s statement did not elaborate on the details of the resolution. But two people with knowledge of the case said Jones had agreed to make the payment.

The Cowboys declined to comment through a spokesman.

The order for Jones to repay legal fees was tied to his and the team’s involvement in the failed legal challenge by Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott of his six-game suspension by the NFL under the personal conduct policy and to Jones’s unsuccessful attempt last year to block Goodell’s five-year contract extension, people familiar with the case had said.

The owners’ compensation committee had told Jones that he was guilty of conduct detrimental to the league for his efforts to halt Goodell’s extension.

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