ORLANDO, Fla. — The NFL won’t limit defensive pass interference penalties to a maximum of 15 yards.

The New York Jets withdrew their proposal that would have imposed such a cap, with the disclaimer that an interference call deemed intentional or egregious would have been penalized at the spot of the infraction.

The NFL’s rulemaking competition committee had opposed the Jets’ proposal by a 6-2 vote. It was not believed that the proposal had the support — 24 votes among the 32 owners — to be ratified. Rule-change proposals made by individual NFL teams without an endorsement by the competition committee rarely are approved.

All defensive pass interference penalties will continue to be penalized at the spot of the foul.

The demise of the proposal was not surprising.

“Obviously the competition committee was against it. … In my mind, I think it’ll struggle,” Dallas Cowboys executive Stephen Jones, a member of the competition committee, said earlier this week. “There’s reasons for it. I certainly understand it. It’s certainly a big penalty. But at the same time, what we don’t want to see is more and more intentional pass interferences where players are tackling guys and things of that nature to keep them from scoring.”

Supporters of the rule had argued that the penalty yardage for interference penalties should be curbed to reduce the chances of a game’s outcome being determined by a questionable call that could cost a defense 50 or 60 yards.

Opponents contended that NFL defensive backs are savvy enough to know when to take an intentional pass interference penalty, without necessarily making it appear intentional, to avoid allowing a catch for a long gain or a touchdown.

The competition committee also maintained that, in its view, the vast majority of interference penalties are correctly called.

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