Searching for sleepers? Trying to tap the best-possible No. 1 pick? Seeking to settle a debate for No. 6? You’ve come to the right place.

Fantasy football draft season is upon us, and The Washington Post is primed to help with answers to your pressing questions. From a detailed breakdown of the best possible picks for Rounds 1-3 at each draft position to regularly updated player rankings to the unassailable and utterly flawless* Perfect Draft, The Post’s fantasy football cheat sheet has all the insights you need to dominate draft day.

(*This is the opinion of its author and those who have printed out said Perfect Draft and posted it on their refrigerator doors.)

The cheat sheet will be updated over the remainder of the NFL preseason, so save it to your favorites and check back often.

Last update: Sept. 3


Draft day debates and top tips

Experts’ draft analysis

The Post teamed up with the fantasy pundits of ESPN, Pro Football Focus and other top fantasy analysis sites to spot trends and intriguing analysis with draft season coming to a close. (Read More)

How to pull off the perfect fantasy draft using the Zero RB strategy

If you’re picking in the second half of the first round, the strategy can work for you, and here’s how. (Read More)

The biggest risk/reward players in each round

10 players who are set to make or break a lot fantasy squads. (Read More)

The do-not-draft list

These big names in fantasy are best avoided at their current prices. (Read More)

Five players who should vastly outperform their draft slots

Get a leg up on the competition by reserving some roster spots for these steals. (Read More)

The Perfect Draft

Start with a look at what the optimal rosters would look like for every squad in a 12-team point-per-reception league if everyone selected the best possible player at every draft spot based on our 2018 player projections. (Read More)

Beginner’s Guide: The best picks for Rounds 1-3

Seeking a script to help guide your hand through the all-important early rounds of the draft? We’ve optimized each draft slot to account for player potential, positional scarcity and injury risk — three key factors that go a long way toward determining your fantasy fate. (Read More)

A bold strategy to win your league: Draft your QB last

Streaming QBs is actually a surprisingly strong way to maximize your QB scoring while bolstering your depth at RB and WR in the earlier rounds. Here’s one way to tackle the challenge. (Read More)

The top takeaways from an offseason’s worth of mock drafts

The minds of Pro Football Focus started participating in mock drafts after the Super Bowl and never really stopped. Here’s what they learned. (Read More)

Which top draft picks to avoid and which to target

Read up on red flags that should steer you away from certain early-draft candidates and focus on some late-round targets that can pay off big time. (Read More)

Use these tiers to ace your draft

Grouping players by expected level of performance can help solve draft-day dilemmas about which position to target in any given round. (Read More)

The top five picks are obvious, but who’s No. 6?

A quartet of running backs and stud receiver Antonio Brown are clearly the class of any PPR draft. But who should follow them off the draft board? (Read More)


Player analysis and sleeper candidates

Player rankings: The top 200 players

From surefire studs to bench bets that can pay off big, here’s a regularly updated look at the best players for 2018. (Read More)

The top sleeper candidates for 2018

Snagging several players who can provide more value than you’d expect is a surefire recipe for fantasy success. (Read More)

Potent players you can steal late in your draft

These names are falling down draft boards, but could provide strong dividends when grabbed in the late rounds. (Read More)

Five players who should vastly outperform their draft slots

The middle rounds of the draft are ripe with opportunity. (Read More)

The best ‘available’ defenses for each week of the 2018 season

Streaming defenses can be a great way to maximize roster value and optimize the points you get from your defense from week to week. (Read More)

Ranking the best keeper-league and dynasty commodities

Youth is at a premium when it comes to these players with years of fantasy glory ahead of them. (Read More)

When to draft the top rookies

From Saquon Barkley to Sam Darnold, what’s the right draft slot for fantasy’s future stars? Note: This article references Redskins running back Derrius Guice who is now out for the season with a torn ACL. Um, don’t draft him. (Read More)

Four slumping stars that should return to form in 2018

If you owned these players last season you likely aren’t eager to draft them again. That would be a mistake. (Read More)

A look at 2017’s stars that should crash back to Earth in 2018

These players surpassed their expectations a year ago, largely due to some unsustainable statistics. Their luck is unlikely to hold up in the year ahead. (Read More)

Players who were helped, or hurt, by offseason movement

Fantasy producers shifted teams since 2017, but not all of them landed in favorable positions for 2018 success. (Read More)