The Action Network and Cadence13 are partnering to launch a podcast network this fall dedicated to sports gambling, as the race to capitalize on legalized sports betting heats up with football season approaching. An announcement is expected later Monday.

The first podcast, which is scheduled to debut in early September, will be called “The Favorites,” and will feature conversation and analysis around betting lines and trends from employees of the Action Network, a sports media company launched this year to focus on sports gambling. Among them are Chad Millman, the company’s head of media, bookmaker Bob Scucci and Geoff Schwartz, a former NFL player.

In May, the Supreme Court struck down a decades-old law that limited most legal sports gambling to Nevada. Seven additional states have passed legislation to legalize sports wagering in some form; more are expected to follow suit.

“We go to where the audience is, and clearly with sports gambling legalized, it ups the ante,” said Chris Corcoran, Cadence13’s chief content officer. He added, “There’s a ton of demand on the sales side here.” Much of that interest, Corcoran said, comes from sports books and daily fantasy companies that want to reach potential bettors.

Corcoran and Millman envision a series of gambling podcasts featuring Action Network talent, dedicated to individual sports, such as college football and the NBA.

Other sports media companies also have sought to fill what is expected to be an increased demand for gambling content, both from bettors and the sports books that want to reach them. Fox Sports is reportedly readying a new gambling show, and ESPN has toyed with ways to incorporate gambling into its coverage. Sports Illustrated recently launched a gambling vertical.

Cadence13 specializes in producing and distributing podcasts, and it has partnered with Crooked Media (“Pod Save America”), as well as theSkimm and Goop. Its sports partners include “The Tony Kornheiser Show” and “The Woj Pod,” a podcast hosted by ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Action Network was created by the Chernin Group, a holding company with stakes in Barstool Sports and the Athletic.

The first episode of “The Favorites” will be available Sept. 5. The show is scheduled to air three times a week.

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