Forty years ago, pop culture declared: Trucks ain’t just for the country folk. Today, the Ford F-150 remains the top-selling pick-up in America. Check out this gem from the Post archives, circa 1978. It begins:

Just how prestigious have pickup trucks become?

In an effort to see if, in fact, pickup trucks have become an acceptable form of travel at all levels of society, The Washington Post undertook its own informal survey.

We rented a Ford pickup from Koons Ford Inc. in Virginia. A brand new, model 150 pickup, it was bright orange with a full set of extras: power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, AM-FM stereo radio, wall-to-wall carpeting and automatic transmission.

It passed the first test. My girl-friend, 4-foot-11-inch Myla Lerner was able to easily drive it around a suburban neighborhood. She had never before been in a truck.

After the jump, there’s this:

And now, it is socially acceptable for a woman to drive a truck…Years ago, a woman wouldn’t let her husband park a pickup in the driveway because of what the neighbors would think. Now, not only do they put it in the driveway, but they take it to church.

(Full disclosure: The first line of the second section was lost to Anchor Man-era newspaper history, but the sentiment lives on for our amusement.)