Tristan Morgan, 15, wakes up each morning with one goal: winning grand champion at the West Virginia State Fair swine show.

Before he leaves for school, Morgan feeds, washes and walks his 15 pigs, which he considers to be his best friends, to get them in prize-winning form. However, as it becomes easier to purchase show pigs online, it is becoming less common for young adults to raise livestock from birth. Families with disposable income have a better chance of purchasing a ribbon as smaller breeders, like Morgan and his family, are forced to catch up. As a result, West Virginia now has stronger show pigs than ever before.

Watch as Morgan takes his pigs into the ring and fights for the grand prize.

Tristan Morgan, 15, competes in the purebred swine show as he hopes to bring home the top prize against pigs from across the country. (McKenna Ewen/The Washington Post)