Patricia Brown, seated second from right, struggles with a computer assessment program at the Center for Workforce Innovation in Richmond. Helping her is Sherrilyn Hicks, a CWI worker seated first from the right. The CWI is a city effort designed to match people with jobs in the Richmond area. Approaching from the rear of the room is the program director, Jamison Manion. (Timothy C. Wright/For the Washington Post)

Tina Griego today tells the story of Richmond, Virginia’s broad, ambitious plan to combat poverty — a program that will include everything from job training, to housing policy, to a direct admission of the city’s segregationist past.

This particularly sweeping and holistic approach to poverty and unemployment is rare. Millions of unemployed have faced uncertain benefits and a number of local and Federal cuts.  And as Jeff Guo reports today, America spends far less on labor policies than many of its international peers.

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