The Washington Post is winding down the forums that have served as the home for Hax Philes.  Going forward, you’ll find Hax Philes on Carolyn’s profile page. If you’re looking exclusively for Hax Philes, you’ll find them here.

We know that in addition to discussing Hax Philes and Carolyn’s daily columns, some of you like to have a place to seek advice from other commenters, share updates on issues you’ve had in the past or talk about that book you can’t book down. We’ll regularly create “open threads” where you chat about whatever you’d like (just remember to follow our discussion policy).

We encourage readers to use these open thread posts to discuss things that don’t relate to Carolyn’s columns. However, we realize that off-topic posts are still likely to occur and we’re working on something that will allow you to choose whether you wish to see off-topic items in the comments on Carolyn’s columns . We hope to deliver that to you soon.