Emily Heil is joined by Christina Antoniades to talk about The Washington Post's Date Lab and what they've learned about making first dates fun. (On Background/The Washington Post)

The matchmakers that run the Washington Post Magazine’s Date Lab have been responsible for  four marriages and only one mid-date sneak exit in the past eight years.

But there’s no actual science to their pairing system, Date Lab’s Christina Antoniades told Emily Heil on PostTV’s On Background. There’s not even a formula for perfect first dates.

“It’s always the chemistry,” said Antoniades, regardless of the venue or other circumstances. “They just have it or don’t have it. We always ask, ‘What was missing?’ and (the participants) have a hard time putting their finger on it.”

Check WashingtonPost.com next week for more Date Lab highs and lows in the magazine’s 2013 review.