From today’s chat:

Dear Carolyn, My only son is 8 and is all boy–he’s into loud noises, sports, and being outdoors, and has no interest in unnecessary chitchat. I’m absolutely obsessed with him and wouldn’t trade him for the world, but sometimes I can’t believe he came from me: talker, analyzer, world-class shopper, and above all an indoor girl. I’m looking for suggestions about how to stay connected with him as he gets older. He plays on sports teams and I go to his games, but that’s more of a thing he shares with his dad and I feel a bit like an outsider there. I know he loves me, but sometimes I feel more like a coatrack than a role model/playmate (again, these honors are those held by his dad). Asking questions about things he’s interested in has limited mileage because he’s simply not that talkative–he’s more of a doer. How do I stay relevant to a kid who’s the opposite of me?

Okay everyone, what are your suggestions?

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