I’m happy to say that The Classical Beat is moving to a new format. Starting immediately, The Classical Beat home page will present all of my writing: both blog posts and articles for the print paper.

This is a win-win for everyone. The distinction between the blog and the articles is largely artificial in any case; articles may have a slightly different format and tone, but both represent complementary and significant facets of the Post’s coverage of classical music, and I’ve found that the distinction is often lost on readers who read our coverage online. The new format brings all my writing together in one place and eliminates any need for me to cross-post articles from the paper on the blog, which was a waste of resources. The page will also include, in a prominent place, a link to the Post’s Music page, where all of our music coverage is gathered. Finally, it also links to my Facebook and Twitter feeds, which is nice since I’ve found that a lot of the discussion that used to happen in blog comments has shifted over to those platforms. I’ll make sure to keep all relevant Facebook posts public so everyone can weigh in; and anyone can follow me on Twitter, where I’m @classicalbeat.

This shift is part of a new approach toward blogs at the Post which I heartily endorse; it streamlines our coverage rather than presenting blogs as a thing apart, which to my mind is in keeping with the gradual evolution of the blogging medium. Blog or article, it’s all writing; this has been an article of faith for me for years, and I feel that this transition supports that idea by presenting those supposedly different forms of writing in a single place. I should add, because some will wonder, that this shift has nothing to do with recent changes in the Post’s leadership; it’s been percolating for some time, and is taking place throughout the paper.

The new format looks better and is more accessible. After a period of less active blogging (due largely to the birth of my son), I’m excited to reinvigorate the blog on this platform, and I hope that you’ll continue to contribute and help recreate it as a truly interactive place where other voices can be heard.