Today’s Hax Philes open post is brought to you by a fulfilled promise from last week’s Carolyn-less chat:

I actually also tried to find a way to fit in the 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon and couldn’t, until I realized how fun Photoshop is. I will email the result to you. :)

Meet Louis “Bacon Pants” Napoleon.

Louis "Bacon Pants" Napoleon

Also, we made some improvements so it’s easier to find all the new-style Hax Philes discussions. You can still get to them from Carolyn’s page, or by going here:

So, have at it in the comments. Ask your fellow readers for advice, go on a tangent about a recent letter or start a conversation about something that’s been on your mind. This is your place for anything that didn’t quite fit in the comments of a specific column.

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