Want to see the arc of our national debate over pot use and regulation in less than five minutes? Watch this reel of public service announcements and political speeches from PostTV’s Kate M. Tobey and Gillian Brockell.

The coverage of marijuana in PSAs, politics and pop culture has evolved quite a bit since the 1960s. See how the messages about pot have changed as much as the faces delivering them, from Sonny Bono to Barack Obama. (Gillian Brockell contributed to this video) (Kate M. Tobey/The Washington Post)

Nearly a half century after a mustachioed Sonny Bono warned teenage potheads they “risk blowing the most important time” of their lives,  a mom wearing pearls and a cardigan urged Washington state urges voters to consider legalizing and regulating marijuana.

The PSAs that came in between feature everyone from Nancy Reagan (“Just Say No”) to U.S. soldiers in Vietnam (while inhaling from a gun barrel) to this one shot by the cast of “Saved By the Bell”:

Marc Fisher explained the changing public opinion about marijuana and growing support for deregulation in a long feature in this weekend’s Post.  Read it here.