From the Feb. 28, 2014 chat:

Even though I have a great job where I earn more than I need, I still love to give handmade gifts. One gift I particularly enjoy giving is a crocheted baby blanket. The recipients are almost always overjoyed to receive this gift. I’ve even had a few overly enthusiastic friends/relatives make it known that they would love such a gift if/when they have kids.

However, I the last time I gave one of these as a gift, I overheard a relative of the mom-to-be, who knows my line of work, call me cheap because I only gave ‘one measly blanket and a few trinkets’ when I ‘could have afforded to buy something more useful off the registry.’

Is this what most people think, but they are too polite to voice it, or was this person off base?

You filled the chat queue with more opinions on this than I could print, so please, have at it here.

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