Arthur Chu, whose unorthodox strategy and use of game theory have made him the nemesis of “Jeopardy!” traditionalists, returns on tonight’s new episode to try and continue his nine-game winning streak.

Here’s how The Post’s Caitlin Dewey recently described his style of play:

For one thing, he sometimes plays to tie, not win, thereby guaranteeing he brings a lesser competitor to challenge him the next day. He skips around the board looking for Daily Doubles, gobbling them up before competitors find them, in the process monopolizing all the high-value questions.

Most unforgivably to many, Chu tries to squeeze in the most questions per round by pounding the bejesus out of his buzzer and interrupting Alex Trebek…

Hate-watchers in the Washington area can see him at 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC. The show is pre-taped, and Chu wasn’t on last week while “Jeopardy!” hosted a “Battle of the Decades” tournament.

They can also take some comfort in “Jeopardy!” history: Chu remains a long way from the record books. At $261,000 in total winnings, he’s far shy of the $3,255,102 won by Brad Rutter. He’s also nowhere near the 74 straight wins Ken Jennings compiled. PostTV has more “Jeopardy!” records by the numbers:

Here's a look back at Arthur Chu, Ken Jennings and other famous contestants and more factoids from the game show's history. (Kate M. Tobey and Gillian Brockell/The Washington Post)

Meanwhile, Chu defenders (including Jennings) can rest assured that he’s had an impact on the game, and maybe the pop culture dictionary, regardless of how far he extends his tenure on the show.

Video by Kate Tobey and Gillian Brockell.