This video screenshot was taken from a cockpit of a F-16 fighter jet at the moment a missile was released from the aircraft. It was initially posted by The Royal Danish Air Force in October 2012. (The Royal Danish Air Force)

Your selfies probably aren’t this extreme. Danish fighter pilot Thomas Kristensen recorded a video ‘selfie’ of himself at the moment an AIM-9L air-to-air missile was released from his F-16 fighter jet.

Kristensen is an experienced pilot in the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) who has completed missions over Afghanistan, Libya and ex-Yugoslavia.

The video is a screengrab of footage shot by a GoPro camera positioned in the plane’s cockpit during a training mission.

Although the RDAF first shared the video in 2012, this mid-air moment was reposted on Facebook following Ellen DeGeneres’s viral ‘selfie’ with stars seated in the front row of the Oscars.

DeGeneres’s photo may be the most retweeted one in history but this pilot’s ‘selfie’ has also taken off on the Internet.