You had a lot to say about this question in the March 7 chat (SAHM = stay-at-home mom):

Recently you’ve run a couple threads about SAHMs and how they’re perceived by the world. From what I can tell, everyone seems to fall into one of two camps: 1. those who believe SAHMs sit around eating bonbons all day, and 2. those who insist SAHMs are badly undervalued and are short-order cooks/paramedics/professors worth six-figure salaries.

I’m home full-time with my kindergartner, who spends about half the day in school, and my infant. I’m friends with a handful of other SAHMs, and indeed their kvetching about being overworked is nonstop. I find it unsettling, because honestly (and I’m sorry if this outs anyone or hurts the ‘SAHMs are hardworking wizards’ cause), between school hours and the time my older kid spends playing alone, I have quite a bit of free time during the day.

We don’t have any hired help–I cook, clean, and engage with my children plenty. Yet if something comes on TV and I want to watch it, I can. If I’m ever behind on replying to emails, it’s just because I didn’t feel like writing them.

This unsettles me, because while I do feel that I’m a good mom and that what I do is very important, I also have the sense that there’s something I’m missing about what causes others to struggle so much. I worked for nearly two decades before transitioning to my current lifestyle–the former is harder. It just is.

My question is, should I assume I’m somehow shortchanging my child if I don’t end each day exhausted and praying for relief and recognition? The tone of this question may be coming off a little (or a lot) snarky, but this is a topic that irritates me to no end because I feel like a traitor whenever I acknowledge the truth about my SAHM life.

–Help, My Tiara’s on Too Tight!!!”

So, I thought you might want to talk about it here.

What do you think is behind the differences in this writer’s experience versus the common depiction of at-home parents as wire-to-wire busy, often to the point of being overwhelmed?