“Too much skin or too pushy boyfriend?” asked Arlington Fashionista.


This question is from the April 18 chat:

I like to dress up in cute, slightly sexy outfits for my dates with my boyfriend, and I really enjoy playing with fashion and feeling hot/stylish when I do. The problem is that sometimes he *loves* the outfit, but asks me to cover up more or change out of it before we go out. He cites two reasons: he doesn’t like the idea of other guys eyeing me or hitting on me in front of him, and he would find it distracting in an embarrassing way (can’t get up from behind the table just now, wait a minute while I think about politicians or something…).

I have usually agreed to change or keep my jacket on because of the second reason, but I’m seriously uncomfortable with the first. I’m disappointed when I can’t actually wear an outfit I put together specifically for date night, and I am very uncomfortable giving my boyfriend a say in what I wear- ever. But then again, I also want him to enjoy himself on the date, and it doesn’t cost me that much to just change clothes. What should I do?

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