MINNEAPOLIS, MN – April 14, 2014: Osmo Vanska rehearses with the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, Minn., on April 14, 2014. On April 24, he was reinstated to the position of the orchestra’s music director, which he had resigned during a 16-month lockout, the longest labor dispute in American orchestral history. (Photo by Jenn Ackerman for The Washington Post)

A few hours before his scheduled return to the National Symphony Orchestra, the conductor Osmo Vanska was reinstated to his post as music director of the Minnesota Orchestra, effective immediately, the Star Tribune reports.

Vanska resigned last October during the longest labor dispute in American orchestral history, after the orchestra’s board and musicians failed to come to terms in time to make planned appearances at Carnegie Hall. The lockout lasted sixteen months; it was finally resolved in January, and the musicians returned to work on February 1.

Vanska’s continued presence at the helm was widely seen, certainly by the orchestra’s musicians, as being necessary to the orchestra’s ability to rebuild trust within its community and move forward after losing more than a full season of performances. He recently spoke to the Washington Post about his own uncertainty about the future: “I am still living with many question marks.”

Now, some of those have been resolved. And he is celebrating the fact in Washington. Tonight (Thursday), tomorrow and Saturday he leads the National Symphony Orchestra, where he was once a frequent guest, in a program of Sibelius, Mendelssohn and Aho.